Rigtools International recognises the industry trends with respect to the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) market, primarily observing the downturn in operating units and more older units being laid up cold stacked or subject to even being taken off the market completely. Rigtools International provides an inspection/survey service to facilitate potential buyers/operators of these units, which may be distressed assets for sale or just units being assessed for future contracts or lay-up.

The Company has on call a team of highly experienced surveyors/inspectors who work closely with class to ensure that any recommendations/observations default to the classification society industry requirements.

Types of survey/Inspection :

Rigtools International recognize that there are a significant number of generic inspections. The company will tailor inspections and reporting to suit client requirements. Listed below are the generic survey/inspection types executed previously by the Company inspectors.

  • General condition reports. (Including equipment overviews)
  • Condition reports with outlined recommendations for keeping the unit in service.
  • 5-year SPS reports with outlined scope recommendations.
  • Specific scope of work recommendations following up from the above. (Pricing of scope of works can be facilitated along with engineering/project management of these works on behalf of the client in a nominated shipyard).
  • Hot/Cold stacking lay-up reporting to follow up on class requirements. (Note that ABS have a class procedure for lay-up of MODUs).
  • Decommissioning reports prior to demobilization and unit scrapping activities.
  • Shipyard auditing reports to facilitate the actual latest services that a shipyard can supply to support a MODU project.

Class requirements :

Rigtools International inspectors will facilitate all class coordination for the above noted activities. Including ensuring that the various rig certifications are in accordance with industry expectations.